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Since 2004, Timotes Machine Shop has been dedicated in providing high quality precision automotive machine shop services to its customers. Whether you need a crankshaft balanced or a full hi-performance engine build, we offer a one stop shop for all of your engine building needs. With over 100 years of combined experience our staff has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done correctly the first time. We are a full service machine shop and 99% of our machining work is done in house allowing us to control quality and turnaround time. We have what it takes to completely customize your engine to your specifications !

If you have a question about a specific service that’s not listed or if you would like to discuss your project, please call us at (407) 772-0438.. Contact Us!

We offer full-service engine remanufactured. We rebuild long and short block engines, cylinder heads and crankshafts and afterwards they are equivalent or better than new! Budget Engine Rebuilders has been re-manufacturing engines for over two decades and our experience in engine rebuilding far exceeds our competitions.

We are known for our “can do” attitude and our willingness to innovate. We adjust to changes in the marketplace. We retain the best and most reliable products and services even as we integrate the best new technologies and practices.

At Timotes Machine Shop we believe in providing the best customer service possible. Unlike any ordinary performance shop, we have a full machine shop available to provide a wide range of specialized services.

Our Experience

We can be counted on and trusted because we are truthful in the way we conduct business. We keep our word. We are a stable company with a long, proud history and the highest level of ethical standards. We are loyal and deeply committed to our industry and all of the people we serve....


Honing & Boring Block

Valve Lash Adjustment

Cylinder Heads


What we offer is our best. We promise you that we will do what we are best at. Check out our services and find the one you want...

Cylinder Heads

Our Cylinder Head Team has over 30 years of combined experience and some of their most frequent services include: cylinder head magnafluxing, vacuum testing, pressure testing, complete cylinder head rebuilds, cylinder head & exhaust manifold resurfacing, valve grinding & replacement, valve guide replacement, stud and bolt removal, repair, and heli-coiling, cylinder head cam bearing removal and replacement.


Our Crankshaft Team has over 30 years of combined experience and some of their most frequent services include: crankshaft liquid magnafluxing, rockwell hardness testing, crankshaft grinding and polishing, crankshaft straightening, engine rotating assembly balancing, crankshaft welding, custom crankshaft development, camshaft inspection & polishing, flywheel grinding and balancing, stroke updates and measuring.

Valve Job Complete

Cast Iron Includes-Disassemble, Clean, Magnaflux, Grind Seats, Grind Valves, Install Valve Stem Seals, Adjust Valve Stem Height Where Applicable 4 Cylinder / 6 Cylinder / 8 Cylinder. The most common failure of valves is bending or breaking, as a result of contact with the pistons. The valves contacting the top of a piston, is due to incorrect engine synchronization. As a result, of timing chain/belt breakage and incorrect fitting, of new belts and chain.

Valve Lash Adjustment

A quality valve lash adjustment unlocks a number of benefits. When you start to experience valve lash symptoms, such as noticeable clicking noises at startup or significant losses in power, an adjustment will help with the following: Maintaining proper engine operating temperature, Reducing oil consumption, Extending the life of the engine.


Our engine development facility & machine shop offers a complete solution to your machining needs. We offer a wide variety of services; honing, boring, prep work & everything in between are all handled in our machine shop.

Block Grinding

Bore and Performance Hone Cylinders with Torque Plate Align Hone blocks. Deck Blocks, Measure Deck Height, Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs, Clearance Block for Strokers.

Honing & Boring Block

Checking for pitting, scoring, scuffing, pin holes, etc. If the cylinders are not in good condition, they may need to be resleeved. If everything looks good, we take measurements for proper application crosshatch angle, and move forward with boring the cylinders


As your vehicle’s power source, your engine is the single most important component inside your vehicle. For this reason, the condition of your engine plays a major role in your vehicle’s performance, longevity, mileage and overall value. For expert engine rebuilding and machine work, call.


Check out our portfolio. We love to make creative and modern things. Explore our portfolio before hiring us...

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